Wall Toys

Wall Toys are perfect for decoration of waiting rooms, kids rooms or childcare facilities. Securely installed on walls, these toys will attract children to play, learn and keep them busy for hours!

Various wall games for kids, which will not only help you in decorating your kid's place but can also be used as a learning aid for various life concepts while playing. All toys have beads, wires, mazes and magnetic play, which will keep kids entertained for hours.

Buy fun and exciting Wall toys at Trade Toys Limited. These games encourage interactive play and promote hand-eye coordination. We sell large magnetic calendar, shape maze, bee trace etc. All our games are painted with non toxic Vivid colours and are safe for kids.

Dressing and Zippering

Dressing and Zippering Set of 4 Dressing and Zipping wall mount boards has been specially created..

Factory - Wall Toy

Metope Game Turn the rocker arm in the lower left corner, let the small steel ball enter the upperm..

Flipping Starter Track

Flipping Starter Track Special Trix Track designed for younger children. With a large size ball (45..

Football Game - Wall Toy

Metope Game Move the ejector to let the small steel ball reach the ejector on the upper layer and c..

Large Aeroplane Wall Toy

Aeroplane Wall Toy A multifunctional wall toy with a beautiful, vibrant image of an aeroplane. ..

Large Caterpillar Wall Toy

Fun on the wall A multifunctional wall toy with a cute image of a Caterpillar, inclding wire bead..

Large Crocodile Wall Toy

Fun on the wall A great multi-functional wall toy, includes wire beads, magnetic beads, xylophone..

Little Lion Seeks Home - Wall Toy

Metope Game The little lion wants to go home, but it has to go through multiple passes to reach the..

Magnetic Bead Trace - Clock

Magnetic Bead Trace - Clock An exciting game which stimulates a child's awareness of spatial rela..

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