Boys will be Boys

Boys love to run around and engage in active play, but they also like to role play and play with cars and trains!

Role play isn’t only brilliant fun, it’s actually good for kids. It develops their intellectual skills by encouraging their imagination and it enhances their social skills by encouraging interaction with other children.

A wonderful range of toys that will stimulate and encourage role play. 

49 Piece Train Set

All Aboard! A perfect 49-piece starter set that can be built in to an assortment of different tra..

£23.95 Ex Tax: £19.96

90 Piece Train Set

All Aboard!! This 90 pcs train set consists of not only a modern passenger train, but also a carg..

£40.80 Ex Tax: £34.00

Cooking Utensil Set - Blue

Time to Cook Cook up an egg with this deluxe wooden pan set by Viga. The set includes a saucepan ..

£10.03 Ex Tax: £8.36

Fishing Game

Can you catch them all! Enjoy fishing for the 20-wooden fish using the magnetic fishing rod. Pret..

£9.02 Ex Tax: £7.52

12 Piece Tool Box

Can You Fix It? A cool wooden tool set comes with different basic tools. Great for indoor and out..

£18.67 Ex Tax: £15.56

20 Piece Magnetic Dinosaur Set

Dinosaur Set Contains 20 different magnetic dinosaurs for sticking to the fridge or any magnetic ..

£6.16 Ex Tax: £5.13

20 Piece Magnetic Vehicle Set

Vehicle Set Contains 20 different magnetic vehicles for sticking to the fridge or any magnetic su..

£6.16 Ex Tax: £5.13

24 Piece Wooden Tool Kit

24 Piece Tool Kit This tool kit contains all the necessary tools plus nuts and bolts, panels with..

£9.66 Ex Tax: £8.05

3D Farm

3D FarmIncludes a farm house and barn, trees, cow gate, farmer, dog, goat, duck, hen, horse, cow, tr..

£9.86 Ex Tax: £8.22

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